General Program and Beginner Meditation

Our popular meditation classes are approximately one and a half hours long and include guided meditations, teaching and discussion. See the map below to find locations near you.

Safety Harbor Meditation Class

These classes are open to anyone who wishes to learn more about meditation, the Buddhist way of life, or those who just want a couple of hours of peace and calm! You are welcome to join at any time. We also regularly hold other special events. If you live a far distance from our Centers and are interested in finding classes in your area, or in subscribing to our correspondence Foundation Program, please let us know!

Current Series

Enjoying Life in Every Moment

Book: Kadampa Way of Life Booklet
Term 6: Aug 13th – Aug 31st

Buddha’s teachings are practical advice that everyone can use to find meaning and happiness in every moment. Whether we are happy or unhappy depends on our state of mind. The three states of mind that constantly interfere with our inner peace are attachment, hatred, and ignorance. Buddha explained clearly how to practice Non-attachment, Non-hatred, and Non-ignorance, which give us the ability to remain happy and peaceful in any situation.

Weekly Topics

Week 1 Renunciation
Week 2 Universal Compassion
Week 3 Correct View of Emptiness


Classes are $10 each.
Become a monthly sponsor for only $40 and get the books included on the first class of each series!

Prayers for World Peace

Join us for a free beginner class on Sundays at 10 am

All Classes in Tampa Bay

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