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KMC Tampa Bay is a 501(c)3 non-profit religious organization. Our Center is completely volunteer-run and uses the generous contributions of our members to provide our community with meditation classes, retreats and in-depth study programs dedicated to the development of world peace.

Sign up online by clicking the “Sign up now” button below. You can also call us at (727) 797-9770 or, when visiting in person, ask our Receptionist to help you sign up.

For more information or for online assistance, email our Admin Director at

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Monthly Giving Plans

Membership starts at just $35 per month.



$35-59 Per Month
  • Included

    General Program & Meditations for World Peace classes
  • 50% Discount

    Half-Day Courses & Retreats
  • 25% Discount

    Day Courses, Special Events, Retreats & Empowerments1
  • Not Included

    Study Program Retreats
  • Not Included

    Foundation Program or Teacher Training Program



$75-99 Per Month



$100+ Per Month
  • 1 Memberships do not include away retreats, Dharma Celebrations, Festivals, or events at other Kadampa Centers.
  • 2 Enrollment Required—contact us for details.

Terms and Conditions

Center Membership

Automatic Renewal

A monthly recurring payment will be automatically charged to the credit card you provide. Cash or checks are not accepted for membership payments. Monthly charges to your card will continue automatically unless explicitly canceled.

Declined & Expired Cards

If at any time your card is declined or has expired, your membership will be suspended immediately, and you will receive an email with instructions on how to provide updated payment information and reactivate your membership.

Cancelation Policy

You may cancel your membership at any time by submitting a request by email to You must provide at least 5 days advance notice for cancellation. Cancellations will be effective on the next renewal date after the date of your email. No refunds will be issued for the remaining days of the month after the cancellation date. You can also cancel your membership online by logging into your account and clicking the Subscriptions Tab.

Membership Transfers

Memberships are individual and non-transferable.

Membership Changes

Membership benefits are subject to change without notice at the start of each new year and are at the discretion of the Administrative Director.