Tuesday Morning Meditation Class

General Program in Safety Harbor

Tuesdays 10-11:30am

with Ron Caldwell

Meditation Class

Our meditation classes teach simple, practical meditation techniques based on the teachings of Kadampa Buddhism. Their intent is to help people to gain a personal experience of inner peace, overcome their daily problems and find real happiness in their hearts.

All of our General Program classes are suitable for everyone—from brand new beginners to experienced meditators—and consist of guided meditations, a talk and discussion. Classes are grouped into series of 4-6 weeks, focusing on a theme or meditation technique.

Each class is self contained so you can just drop in and enjoy. They provide an ideal introduction to meditation and Buddhism, teaching effective and practical methods for overcoming problems and increasing happiness in daily life.

Classes are $10 each. Become a sponsor for as little $40 per month and get the book included on the first class of each series!

Current Series

Foundations of Meditation Practice

World class athletes and artists know that mastery of the fundamentals is critical for success. The same is true of meditation. Even the most experienced know that relying on strong and stable foundation practices is the key to unlocking its full potential. This seven week “back to basics” series focuses on a different skill each week and includes practical advice for getting the most out of every session.

Weekly Topics

Aug 11 - sept 20
  • Benefits of meditation

  • Foundations of meditation practice

  • Making offerings

  • Correct posture and mindset

  • Visualizing the Field for Accumulating Merit

  • Practice of the seven limbs

  • Receiving blessings

(Check current calendar to confirm dates.)


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