Tuesday Morning Simply Meditate

Tuesdays 10-11:00 am

“When the turbulence of distracting thoughts subsides and our mind becomes still, a deep happiness and contentment naturally arise from within. This feeling of contentment and well-being helps us cope with the busyness and difficulties of daily life.”

-Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, The New Meditation Handbook

Escape the stress and busyness of daily life to discover the peace of meditation for yourself in these one hour meditation sessions. Be guided through simple, profound meditations that relax the mind and body and improve our wisdom and compassion, leading to a deep experience of inner peace and contentment.

The class includes two guided meditations, a short chanted prayer, an explanation of the topic of that day, meditation instruction and how to practically apply our meditation to our daily life. Each class is self contained—drop in at any time. Everyone is welcome.


Classes are $5 each, free for members. Become a member for $35 per month and attend as many KMC Tampa Bay General Program (GP), Simply Meditate and Meditations for World Peace (MWP) classes as you like!
(Please check our calendar to confirm dates.)


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