Thursday Evening General Program

Thursdays 7-8:30pm
with Resident Teacher Kadam Michelle

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Our meditation classes teach simple, practical meditation techniques based on the teachings of Kadampa Buddhism. Their intent is to help people to gain a personal experience of inner peace, overcome their daily problems and find real happiness in their hearts.

All of our General Program and Simply Meditate classes are suitable for everyone—from brand new beginners to experienced meditators—and consist of guided meditations, a talk and discussion. Classes are grouped into series of 4-6 weeks, focusing on a theme or meditation technique.

Each class is self contained so you can just drop in and enjoy. They provide an ideal introduction to meditation and Buddhism, teaching effective and practical methods for overcoming problems and increasing happiness in daily life.

Classes are $10 each. Become a member for $35 per month and attend as many KMC Tampa Bay General Program (GP), Simply Meditate and Meditations for World Peace (MWP) classes as you like!

Current Series

Meditation, Mindfulness & Concentration
Book: Joyful Path of Good Fortune

Peace of mind is priceless. Whenever it arises we're happy, our body becomes comfortable and we have a good influence on those around us. Tranquil abiding is a special type of concentration that arises through training in meditation gradually stage by stage. In this series, we will focus on improving the main tools used in meditation—mindfulness, concentration and alertness. By strengthening these, we can oppose distractions and any other obstacles that arise in our meditation.

Weekly Topics

Jan 6 – Feb 3
  • Introduction to the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment

  • The Peace of Concentration

  • Overcoming Obstacles to Our Meditation

  • Solutions to Distractions

  • Improving our Concentration

  • (no class February 10)

(Please check our calendar to confirm dates.)