Meditations for World Peace


Practical Wisdom for Daily Life
Sundays, 10am - 11:30am
Enjoy practical advice for improving daily life. Each week one of our Kadampa Teachers will share their favorite meditation for developing a peaceful, wise heart. Through connecting with wisdom and compassion we can transform all our experiences of eating, talking, driving, working into the path of peace and happiness. 

About this Class
In these uncertain times, there is nothing more meaningful than making prayers for world peace and for the safety and happiness of all living beings. These classes include a guided meditation, a short teaching and beautiful chanted prayers for world peace. The focus is on solutions to problems in daily life, authentic optimism and the development of altruistic love and compassion. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Weekly Topics

July 3 - August 28


    Classes are $10 each. Become a member for $35 per month and attend as many KMC Tampa Bay General Program (GP), Simply Meditate and Meditations for World Peace (MWP) classes as you like!