Pure Mind, Pure World: Vajrasattva Retreat – In Person


Friday, November 12 – Monday, November 15

$30 / $15 for Center Members

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We spend all our time and energy trying to avoid problems by making changes to our external world. However, our unhappiness and difficulties are not caused by the external world but are the result of the negative karma we have created in the past through our own harmful actions. By relying upon Vajrasattva, the Buddha of purification, and practicing a special meditation, we can free ourselves from all our negative karma. As a result, all our experiences will be positive, we will have a peaceful, pure mind and will easily remove obstacles to our spiritual development.

For those new to Vajrasattva practice, an introduction and explanation will be given in the guided sessions on Saturday.


Friday (Unguided)
9:00 10:15 am Session 1
11:15 12:30 pm Session 2
4:00 5:15 pm Session 3
7:00 8:30 pm Session 4
Saturday (Guided)
10:00 11:15 am Session 1
12:00 1:00 pm Session 2
2:30 3:45 pm Session 3
Sunday (Unguided)
8:00 9:15 am Session 1
1:00 2:15 pm Session 2
3:30 5:00 pm Session 3
Monday (Unguided)
9:00 10:15 am Session 1
11:15 12:30 pm Session 2
4:00 5:15 pm Session 3

The Teacher


This course is taught by Resident Teacher Kadam Michelle Gauthier. Kadam Michelle is a disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, founder of the New Kadampa Tradition, and has been studying and practicing Buddhism for more than 25 years. She presents Buddha's teachings with beautiful clarity, warmth and sincerity, skillfully guiding people from all walks of life to find inner peace and lasting happiness.

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