Meditation and Buddhism in Ybor/Tampa Heights

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Meditation classes in Ybor/Tampa Heights teach simple, practical meditation techniques based on the teachings of Kadampa Buddhism. Their intent is to help people to gain a personal experience of inner peace, overcome their daily problems and find real happiness in their hearts.

All of our General Program classes are suitable for everyone—from brand new beginners to experienced meditators—and consist of guided meditations, a talk and discussion. Classes are grouped into series of 4-6 weeks, focusing on a theme or meditation technique.

Each class is self contained, though you are welcome to attend the whole course. They provide an ideal introduction to meditation and Buddhism, teaching effective and practical methods for overcoming problems and increasing happiness in daily life.

Current Series

Becoming the Person You Want to Be

Book: Mahamudra Tantra
Term 2: Feb 19 – Mar 16

Are you fulfilling your life goals? What is holding you back? It is explained in Buddhist teachings that our negative self-image is the source of our daily problems and discouragement. By learning how to change the way that we view and relate to ourselves, we can overcome any challenge and finally become the person that we want to be.

Weekly Topics

Week 1 Basic View
Week 2 Basic Intention
Week 3 The Purpose of Meditating on Emptiness
Week 4 The Tantra of Generation Stage


Classes are $10 each. Become a monthly sponsor and receive the book free, which can be collected at the first class of this series.

Deborah Betancourt


Sundays 10-11:30am

Prayers for World Peace with Deborah Betancourt
FREE class, donations welcomed

& Kids’ class with Danilo Conner

Judithe Richards

Mondays 10-11:15am

with Judithe Richards

Tuesdays 7:15-8:30pm

with Gen Kelsang Chokyan


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308 E 7th Ave
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