Morning Beginner Meditation Class

Tuesdays 10-11:30am

with Ron Caldwell

Learn the basics and lay the foundation for an effective and joyful meditation practice. Discover how meditation can help us de-stress, solve our problems, and make our lives more satisfying.

The Lamrim instructions are easy to understand and practice, and provide us with a thorough and systematic experience of all the Buddha’s instructions that we can readily apply to solving the problems of daily life. Lamrim means “the stages of the path to enlightenment.” It is a special set of instructions that is the synthesis of all of Buddha Shakyamuni’s 84,000 teachings. With a deep experience of Lamrim, there will be no basis for these problems. Eventually, we shall attain freedom from all suffering, and the unchanging peace and happiness of enlightenment.


Current Series

Preventing Difficult Times

Book: Universal Compassion
Term 8: Oct 16 – Nov 17

Everyone’s basic wish is to be happy all the time, yet everyone experiences problems without choice. Normally when we experience problems, we are often at a loss about what to do to solve them, let alone how to prevent them. Buddha taught that whenever we encounter difficult times it is the result of our past negative actions. He kindly provided very practical advice on transforming adverse conditions through actions or the four preparations. You will learn how to accumulate merit or positive mental energy; how to purify past negative actions; how to make offerings to obstructing spirits; and lastly, developing faith and making offerings to Dharma Protectors—those who help us overcome our obstacles and unfavorable conditions to our spiritual practice. Through applying this method, we can learn to solve all our problems permanently.

Weekly Topics

Week 1 Preliminary practices
Week 2 Preparation of accumulating merit
Week 3 Purifying negativities
Week 4 Force of destruction
Week 5 Dharma protectors


Classes are $10 each. Become a monthly sponsor and receive the book free, which can be collected at the first class of this series.


KMC Tampa Bay (formerly Parbawatiya)
201 6th Ave S
Safety Harbor, FL 34695