Morning Beginner Meditation Class

Tuesdays 10-11:30am

with Ron Caldwell

Learn the basics and lay the foundation for an effective and joyful meditation practice. Discover how meditation can help us de-stress, solve our problems, and make our lives more satisfying.

MeditatingThe Lamrim instructions are easy to understand and practice, and provide us with a thorough and systematic experience of all the Buddha’s instructions that we can readily apply to solving the problems of daily life. Lamrim means “the stages of the path to enlightenment.” It is a special set of instructions that is the synthesis of all of Buddha Shakyamuni’s 84,000 teachings. With a deep experience of Lamrim, there will be no basis for these problems. Eventually, we shall attain freedom from all suffering, and the unchanging peace and happiness of enlightenment.

Current Series

The Inner Protection of Meditation

Book: Introduction to Buddhism
Term 4: April 30th – May 25th

Buddhism is the practice of Buddha’s teachings, known as Dharma which means “protection.” By relying upon the practice of meditations explained in Buddhist teachings, everyone can learn how to protect themselves permanently from life’s problems. Dharma shows clearly that all our suffering comes from our mind reacting negatively to life’s problems. Through the practice of meditation, you can learn how to develop and maintain a positive attitude all the time. Then there will be no basis for experiencing any suffering. Everyone can benefit from this practical and ancient advice.

Weekly Topics

Week 1 Who was Buddha?
Week 2 Understanding the Mind
Week 3 Past and Future lives
Week 4 What is Karma?


Classes are $10 each.
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