Teen Meditation Classes

Sundays 10-11:30am


Young adult students are introduced to meditation and mindfulness training with an emphasis on relational activities to encourage listening and communication in the safety and intimacy of a small group of peers. The teens explore practical methods for applying spiritual attitudes to daily problems. Each class includes analytical and placement meditation, discussion, and a dramatic arts or musical workshop that allows the students to playfully develop a sense of connection with others. Parents can unload all their children in the Center Community room and enjoy a morning of Prayers for World Peace and meditation with the comfort of knowing their children are developing the same fresh perspective as their peers.

(check current calendar to confirm dates)


There is no fee for this class, but donations are always appreciated.


KMC Tampa Bay (formerly Parbawatiya)
201 6th Ave S
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

KMC Tampa Bay
308 E 7th Ave
Tampa FL 33602