Join us at our Safety Harbor Center at 10 am on the fourth Saturday of the month for a special meditation workshop specially designed for beginners and those looking to strengthen their basic meditation skills. Each one offers an in-depth focus on different topic and teaches practical skills that can be applied to see an immediate, positive change in our everyday lives.

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Letting Go of the Past

with Rick Perry

Anger, resentment and other hurt feelings can stay with us for a long time–even years. They feel like an unshakable heavy weight on our heart that saps away our energy and enjoyments. Why is it that no matter how hard we struggle to be free they seem to rise up again and again?

It is only when we realize their true nature that we gain the wisdom to overcome them. By skillfully applying these ancient meditation techniques we can easily learn to not only let go of these heavy burdens but even transform them into our most powerful, positive and life-changing experiences.

Happiness at Work

with Greg Goodman

“Happiness at work” is fast becoming one of the most popular discussion topics in business. How do some people never seem to lose their cool even when everything around them appears so toxic?

By maintaining a state of mindfulness and cultivating the intention to cherishing others we can be insulated from negativity and discover a deeper sense of purpose in our daily tasks. The tools and techniques Greg teaches in this class can transform the relationships we have with our peers and boss, and keep our mind peaceful and happy in the face of our most critical customers.

Basics of Meditation

with Ray Vogel

What is meditation and why is it so popular? Is it really as powerful and beneficial as everyone claims? Ray Vogel describes its basic principles and amazing benefits, and explains simple methods for achieving dramatic results in just a few minutes a day.

Finding Faith

with Skye Rodgers


Each course runs from 10 am until 12:30 pm with a half hour break.

August 25 Living in the Moment
September 29 Letting Go of the Past
October 27 Happiness at Work
November 24 Basics of Meditation
December 29 Finding Faith


$15 ($5 for Center Sponsors)

KMC Tampa Bay
201 6th Ave S
Safety Harbor, FL 34695