Guru Yoga & Mandala Offering Retreat

November 18-21

Hands holding lotus flowerEverything in the world that we experience is merely a projection of our own mind. A mandala is a universe that appears to a completely pure mind. By meditating on mandala visualizations we purify our own views and create the potential to actually experience these worlds directly in the future. Mentally offering the mandala to our Spiritual Guide accumulates immeasurable amounts of good fortune and positive energy in our mental continuum. This retreat is perfect for beginners or those who wish to deepen their meditation practice. There will be three or four sessions of this practice in each day of the retreat. Feel free to stop by for as many sessions as you wish. Everyone is welcome!

(Check current calendar to confirm dates.)


Unguided sessions are free.


KMC Tampa Bay
201 6th Ave S
Safety Harbor, FL 34695